CHAR Poles – Multi-tool Ski Poles

ski poles are largely single function equipment, well, unless you count stabbing another person with it as another function, but seriously, we don’t encourage that in anyway. however, a Salt Lake City-based upstart thinks otherwise (and their idea definitely does not involve stabbing) and has completely rethink how ski poles should function…

CAMOPOOL Camouflage Inflatable Pool

you know those aboveground inflatable pools? how are those looking too you? too unmanly, perhaps? then may we suggest you to check out the CAMOPOOL Inflatable Pool and as the product name implies, it is the inflatable pool you know, in camouflage. man, we can’t believe nobody thought of camo-ing this until now.

Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack

unlike computer games, paintball doesn’t have cheats that enables unlimited ammo. that’s a reality that we have to face – until now. with the Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack, it is the real life, made-for-paintball “god mode” that equips you around 1,200 paintball ammo without the need for cumbersome and often