ski poles are largely single function equipment, well, unless you count stabbing another person with it as another function, but seriously, we don’t encourage that in anyway. however, a Salt Lake City-based upstart thinks otherwise (and their idea definitely does not involve stabbing) and has completely rethink how ski poles should function, such as for binding adjustments or even popping open a bottle of booze. yes. ski poles. screwdrivers and bottle opener, and those are exactly what the CHAR Poles will do, which effectively turns it into a multi-tool. while it may not be the keychain-friendly kind of multi-tool or even look like one, it is in fact, blessed with a couple of screwdrivers – a phillip head and flat head screwdrivers – one in each pole’s bike-style grip. using the screwdrivers is a matter of unscrewing them from the ski poles’ handles.

additionally, the grip top flips up to reveal a standard-size camera mount, allowing the char poles to double as a monopod for POV footages and skiing video selfie. last but not least on the multi-tool list, is a basket with integrated bottle opener so your fun can continue when you hit the foot of the slope and into the tavern. the CHAR Poles has a unique design, taking on a modular approach, where the handles, shafts and baskets are interchangeable to suit your needs and purposes. with the modular design, you can easily switch out the poles for longer or short item that best matches the conditions and purposes. the CHAR Poles – Multi-tool Ski Poles are available now via crowdfunding site RocketHub where for $70 or more, you could score yourself a set. learn more about CHAR Poles in the pitch video below.

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RocketHub via Gear Junkie

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