Katy Perry Burger Shoes The Munchie

If you find that the shoes in market are bored as hell, well, then perhaps Katy Perry’s burger shoes dubbed The Munchie may help to spice up your feet somewhat. The pop star showed up to this year’s Met Gala dressed as a burger with a matching pair of burger shoes.

Katy Perry Burger Shoes The Munchie

The good news is, the Katy Perry has since made these whimsical shoes available for anyone who is willing to put down $129. Yes. That is way, way pricer than your average single patty burger of any kind, but honestly, can you say that you can wear the any burger?

This hamburger-inspired sneakers features man-made upper, fabric lining and a lace up design. If you still don’t know how to tie shoe laces, well, that we will not be able to help. Also, as much as you wanted to, don’t try to munch on these “burgers.” They are clearly not made to be eaten even though it is named “The Munchie.”

Katy Perry Burger Shoes The Munchie

Get it on the official Katy Perry Collections website for the aforementioned $129 if you are so inclined. Oh, wait. It looks like The Munchie have flew off the shelves. At the time of this writing, it was listed as out-of-stock. Bummer. Now, I really have to wear real burgers.

Images: Katy Perry Collections.

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Source: Foodiggity.