A year after toymaker Pantasy introduced the officially licensed brick-built Astro Boy figure, it has revealed yet another collaboration with Tezuka Productions. This time it is a diorama set that recreates the scene of the awakening moment of Astro Boy.

Pantasy Astro Boy Awakening Moment Set

Inspired by the scene from the 2003 series where Professor Ochanomizu reactivated Astro Boy and gave him a new life, the Pantasy Astro Boy Awakening Moment features a futuristic setup, including the capsule, a robotic arm, a precision laser arm, two smaller robotic arms, the control panel – complete with a very convincing display, and whatnot, that was used to resurrect the robot boy.

In addition to an Astro Boy figure, a figure of the kind professor is also included. Completing the package is a sign that says “Astro Tech Omni Modality project”. The set is not just good for display; it offers some degree of playability by the way of a slide-open clear cover of the chamber which itself can be tilted to a variety of angles, and both the robotic arm and the precision laser arm, and the small robotic arms on either side are posable.

Pantasy Astro Boy Awakening Moment Set

Moreover, there is a functional drawer for storing Astro Boy’s components. OK, maybe just component cos’ the drawer is not exactly big.

When completed, the set measures 24 cm deep and 30.7 cm wide, and towers at 25 cm tall (9.4″ x 12″ x 9.8:). The Atom figure measures 11.8 cm (4.6″) tall while Prof stands 7.6 cm (3″). It is not clear how many elements the set contains, though.

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The Pantasy Astro Boy Awakening Moment Set is currently available in China from Pantasy official store on Tmall. The asking price is 799 yuan, which is about US$111 based on the current going rate.

Pantasy Astro Boy Awakening Moment Set

Images: Weibo (Pantasy) [CH].

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