with smartphone being the shooter of choice for our daily photography needs, it makes perfect sense to be toting around a tripod to facilitate self-portraits, group shots and the likes. however, there exist a stumbling block: our smartphone doesn’t have a standard tripod thread. this is where the Joby MPod Mini Stand comes into play. it is the Joby signature ball joints formed flexible tripod, but in place of a tripod thread, it has a set of clamp with rubberized jaws to accommodate virtually any smartphone – up to giants such as the GALAXY Note II, with or without a case.

Joby is calling it a mini stand, instead of a tripod, because this little accessory is compact enough to slip into your pocket and it is essentially a stand that could also be utilized for video calls (such as FaceTime on your iPhone), as a stand for reading e-books and of course, as a tripod for photography and videography, and it does all that with benefit of being able to stabilized on any surface or even wrapped around certain objects. though the latter might be a little limited due to the much shorter ‘legs’. if you still prefer one with tripod thread for your compact shooter, there’s also a GPod Mini Magnetic tripod that has a standard tripod thread for your camera, with strong magnetic feet for securing to ferrous metal surfaces.

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the Joby MPod Mini Stand, along with the GPod Mini Magnetic tripod, are available now for just $14.95 a pop. steal a few more look in the image gallery below and while you are at it, you might also want to check out the product videos further down the page.

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