hitting those dimpled white balls on the fairway is fun, but traveling between those strokes ain’t one of them. seriously, if it is that fun, electric golf carts wouldn’t be invented to shorten the agony of the short in-between walks. however, golf cart can get dull pretty quickly too and for a moment it seems that the option for on course transportation is pretty much closed until the Golf Cart Hovercraft came along. but that’s well beyond most average dude’s reach (it’s 58 grand, btw), which means the golfing transportation industry is still in dire need for some serious shake up. and shake up it sure has now; in the form of the GolfBoard, a purposed built motorized skateboard for golfers.

developed by the same folks who made electric off-road skateboards, the Golfboard’s 3kW peak power brushed motors are juiced by automotive-grade lithium-ion battery, packing some 25,000 mAh and is good for a round (or maybe more) of 18-hole game per charge. it is designed to take on the undulating terrain typical of golf courses and so naturally, four-wheel drive comes as standard. it has a top speed of 12 mph (19 km/h) and offers three ways of riding: with bag mount and stability handle; ride it like regular skateboard with the golf bag over your shoulder; or “free riding” where you just hit the holes with just a do-it-all adjustable club. steering of the board is same as you would do for regular skateboard – meaning, leaning from side to side to make turns, while moving forward, backward and slowing are executed via one-hand Bluetooth remote.

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if you have the same passion for skateboarding and/or surfing as golfing, you will definitely love this alternative, new-age mode of transportation for golfing. the Golfboard is not a reality just yet; the prototype and all are, but its maker Sol Boards need your help to get it to production. you can show your support by making a pledge of $3,350 on their Kickstarter campaign page. as with most Kickstarter campaigns, the GolfBoard will only be funded if it hits the project set minimum funding goal. take a few more look after a break.

GolfBoard via Gizmag

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