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Mercedes-Benz And Garia Wants To Make Golf Cart Look More Like A Car

With the exception of a small number, golf cart generally looks the same. You know, the same, boring boxy cart with an impossibly straight bench seat for two, has room for two full-size golf bags around the back, and perhaps, a couple of cup holders. Already, that sounds beyond boring, doesn’t it? However, that may change, if Mercedes-Benz and Danish golf cart maker Garia have their way. And the fairway-going vehicle that’s going to bring about the change would be the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car which it creators billed as “a real sports car.” Continue reading Mercedes-Benz And Garia Wants To Make Golf Cart Look More Like A Car

Bubba Watson’s Game Reaches New Heights With A Jetpack Golf Cart

After having a hovercraft as his golf cart, American pro golfer Bubba Watson has once again stir up the air on the fairway, this time with a jetpack golf cart, specially prepared by Martin Aircraft Company – the New Zealand aviation company that’s rooting on its jetpack to be the personal air transport of choice. And why not? That’s like the dream of every man and the military since like forever, and an obvious choice for the world’s number 5 golfer who is always gunning to take his game to a new height. Since golf is making a comeback at the Olympics, there isn’t a better time to unveil the world’s first jetpack golf cart, the BW-Air. Continue reading Bubba Watson’s Game Reaches New Heights With A Jetpack Golf Cart

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

we don’t do many golf carts here, but if we do, you can be sure it will be one heck of a (golf course) ride, like this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart that is currently on eBay going for a cool $17,500. it is listed as “used”, but still, it looks kind of too cute to resist. described by its seller as “one of a kind”, this Dark Knight’s golf course ride of choice started life as an EZ-Go Golf Cart and was stripped down to the frame and four cup holders (!), and after which, custom frame and sheet metal, along with sculpted, molded cowl are fitted to it. it took its creator some 30 grand to turn that the boring EZ-Go ride into one that you see here and according to the seller, it spent a quarter of its time on a studio lot, with the rest of time kept indoors as a display (which we would gladly do if we have that kind of money to drop). Continue reading Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

GolfBoard – Skateboard For Golfers

hitting those dimpled white balls on the fairway is fun, but traveling between those strokes ain’t one of them. seriously, if it is that fun, electric golf carts wouldn’t be invented to shorten the agony of the short in-between walks. however, golf cart can get dull pretty quickly too and for a moment it seems that the option for on course transportation is pretty much closed until the Golf Cart Hovercraft came along. but that’s well beyond most average dude’s reach (it’s 58 grand, btw), which means the golfing transportation industry is still in dire need for some serious shake up. and shake up it sure has now; in the form of the GolfBoard, a purposed built motorized skateboard for golfers. Continue reading GolfBoard – Skateboard For Golfers

Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart

as you can see from the design sketch above, this is pretty much a concept, but not as one would have expected from luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. it is a golf cart, albeit being a concept, it is still a cart unlike any others. the concept sketch pretty much speaks for themselves, but one thing that you are probably not aware of is, this vehicle is the result of a crowd source effort initiated by Mercedes-Benz. calling upon golf and automobile fans around the globe to chip in their vision of what the golf car should be and the best, most unusual, most innovative and promising concepts were pulled together to create the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart. while bearing a car-like form, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart, like any of today’s golf cart, is electric driven and juiced by a battery pack that is kept continuously charged by a solar module setup on its roof (too bad if you prefer night golfing though) – though conventional plug-in charging is also supported. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart

The Golf Cart Hovercraft

forget about the pimped up Pennwick Custom Golf Carts. if you really want absolute style when you are hitting the fairways, The Golf Cart Hovercraft by Neoteric Hovercraft is the way to go. when pro golfer Bubba Watson’s Oakley BW1 hovercraft first made its debut, you couldn’t own one even you have the cash to spare, but thanks to the good people at Hammacher Schlemmer, you can now own one for just $58,000. no kidding. the craft is ready for your taking as long you have the money; all that’s left to do is to find a golf course that will tolerate a vehicle that’s capable of gliding over sand traps and water hazards with its whirling 65 horsepower twin-cylinder Hirth engine. the Hirth engine drives a nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan, enabling this amphibious vehicle to hit 45 mph (72 km/h), while keeping it hovering at a comfortable 9 inches off the ground, thereby keeping the lush greeneries beneath out of harms way (though we can’t say the same for the sand trap). Continue reading The Golf Cart Hovercraft

OutRun: 80’s Arcade Game goes on the real world road

OutRun Arcade Car 544x408px

remember the 80’s arcade game, Out Run? well, it has make its comeback, albeit not commercially, to our today’s world. however, evolution has it that it now takes on a real drivable car. simply put, it is an arcade driving game on wheels. developed by researchers from University of California Irvine’s Information and Computer Sciences department, the OutRun arcade car is built on a golf cart and has a couple of cameras mounted up front to capture the forward view, while custom software translates the view into an augmented reality view for the driver. Continue reading OutRun: 80’s Arcade Game goes on the real world road

Pennwick Custom Golf Carts – mini ride of luxury

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart 544x360px
Pennwick Custom Golf Cart | from US$15,500.00 | www.pennwick.com

if you live on an unusually huge estate, then you probably would want something to save your legs the aches. a car would be nice but too big to be practical, so why not grab yourself a custom golf cart that look like your real road-going Ferrari F5? yes? perhaps the folks over at the Pennwick Custom Golf Carts will be able to assist you. currently, there are five different styles available for your choosing: Ferrari F5-inspired Sports Car, Bentley-inspired Brooklyn, 30’s Roadster-inspired Smoothster, 50’s truck-style golf cart, and a Rolls Royce-inspired Shadow. Continue reading Pennwick Custom Golf Carts – mini ride of luxury

Yamaha powered golf cart for speed demon golfers

Insane EZ-GO Golf Cart 800x600px
Insane EZ-GO Golf Cart | US$auction | www.ebay.com

speed demon golfers rejoice, now you carry on your life on the fast lane on to the golfing turfs with the Insane EZ-GO Golf Cart. the builder has put in no less than $25,000 into building this monster golf cart and is now going under hammer on eBay (with a reserved price, of course). powered by a Yamaha R1 sportsbike motor that puts out a healthy 150 hp, mated to a factory Yamaha 6-speed transmission that enables this custom golf cart to hit 100 mph. Continue reading Yamaha powered golf cart for speed demon golfers