Here’s A Drivable Custom LEGO Low-Rider And It Is Absolutely Adorable

Life-size LEGO models are a dime a dozen. But not very often you see one that is actually drivable and looks kinda cute at the same time. Other than the drivable life-size LEGO Bugatti Chiron of recent time, this tiny low-rider is the other drivable LEGO creation created by LEGO especially for LA Auto Show.

Mercedes-Benz And Garia Wants To Make Golf Cart Look More Like A Car

With the exception of a small number, golf cart generally looks the same. You know, the same, boring boxy cart with an impossibly straight bench seat for two, has room for two full-size golf bags around the back, and perhaps, a couple of cup holders. Already, that sounds beyond boring, doesn’t it? However, that may …

Bubba Watson’s Game Reaches New Heights With A Jetpack Golf Cart

After having a hovercraft as his golf cart, American pro golfer Bubba Watson has once again stir up the air on the fairway, this time with a jetpack golf cart, specially prepared by Martin Aircraft Company – the New Zealand aviation company that’s rooting on its jetpack to be the personal air transport of choice. …

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

we don’t do many golf carts here, but if we do, you can be sure it will be one heck of a (golf course) ride, like this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart that is currently on eBay going for a cool $17,500. it is listed as “used”, but still, it looks kind of too cute to resist. described by its seller as “one of a kind”, this Dark Knight’s golf course ride of choice started life as an EZ-Go Golf Cart

GolfBoard – Skateboard For Golfers

hitting those dimpled white balls on the fairway is fun, but traveling between those strokes ain’t one of them. seriously, if it is that fun, electric golf carts wouldn’t be invented to shorten the agony of the short in-between walks. however, golf cart can get dull pretty quickly too and for a moment it seems that the option for on course transportation is pretty much closed

Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart

as you can see from the design sketch above, this is pretty much a concept, but not as one would have expected from luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. it is a golf cart, albeit being a concept, it is still a cart unlike any others. the concept sketch pretty much speaks for themselves, but one thing that you are probably not aware of is, this vehicle is the result

The Golf Cart Hovercraft

forget about the pimped up Pennwick Custom Golf Carts. if you really want absolute style when you are hitting the fairways, The Golf Cart Hovercraft by Neoteric Hovercraft is the way to go. when pro golfer Bubba Watson’s Oakley BW1 hovercraft first made its debut, you couldn’t own one even you have the cash to spare, but thanks to the good people