we don’t do many golf carts here, but if we do, you can be sure it will be one heck of a (golf course) ride, like this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart that is currently on eBay going for a cool $17,500. it is listed as “used”, but still, it looks kind of too cute to resist. described by its seller as “one of a kind”, this Dark Knight’s golf course ride of choice started life as an EZ-Go Golf Cart and was stripped down to the frame and four cup holders (!), and after which, custom frame and sheet metal, along with sculpted, molded cowl are fitted to it. it took its creator some 30 grand to turn that the boring EZ-Go ride into one that you see here and according to the seller, it spent a quarter of its time on a studio lot, with the rest of time kept indoors as a display (which we would gladly do if we have that kind of money to drop).

specifications include a 4-link rear suspension with coilovers (probably the first for a golf cart, if we might add), a spanking new Trojan Gell Cell 8V batteries, rear disc brakes for sure-stopping power (it needed this for hauling this 38 mph mini-beast to stop), a 48V 6HP Go Kart motor, custom made 28-inch Super Swamper tires, onboard charger and 100V converter, iPad holder, rear warning backup buzzer, and leather seats, adjustable no less, that befits the billionaire status of Bruce Wayne. well, maybe the latter was not the luxe of the luxe, but still a nice touch of luxury nonetheless (and Bruce Wayne definitely won’t be strutting this around and letting everyone know his alter ego). click past the jump for a few more look and if you think you have the money to throw, hit up the Batman Tumbler Golf Cart auction page and go for it. and remember to send us some photos if you did managed to acquire it.

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UPDATE [May 19, 2014; 7:47AM PST] apparently, this same Batman Tumbler Golf Cart is up on sale, again, over at Prestige Imports for a grand $49,950. we are not sure if it is the same ride we saw, but as far as images are concerned, they appear to be the same. so if you missed the first, here’s your second chance – provided you have pretty penny to drop. [via]

UPDATE [December 04, 2013 3:17PM PST] if you are reading this and hoping to ride home this badass golf cart, the word is, it has been sold – in fact, just after hours after we have posted this. good to know there is the one folk who appreciate this beauty and willing to plonk down the money. if you are that one person, how about sharing some pictures with us when you get your ride?

eBay via Sploid

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