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Pennwick Custom Golf Cart | from US$15,500.00 |

if you live on an unusually huge estate, then you probably would want something to save your legs the aches. a car would be nice but too big to be practical, so why not grab yourself a custom golf cart that look like your real road-going Ferrari F5? yes? perhaps the folks over at the Pennwick Custom Golf Carts will be able to assist you. currently, there are five different styles available for your choosing: Ferrari F5-inspired Sports Car, Bentley-inspired Brooklyn, 30’s Roadster-inspired Smoothster, 50’s truck-style golf cart, and a Rolls Royce-inspired Shadow.
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these cute mini ride of luxury are built on Club Car chassis with quality fiberglass bodies, OEM paint, marine-grade upholstery to withstand the outdoor elements, and completing the styling are functioning headlights, tail lights, turn signals and hazard lights. unlike their full-size counterpart, these carts top out at just 32 km/h (20 mph) but then again, speed isn’t a priority here cos’ these are vehicles that are meant to be seen and envy upon. these mini ride of luxury are not anywhere near cheap, as they cost as much as a full size vehicle. prices of the custom golf cart starts from $15,500, and if you lusting after the F5, that will set you back at a good $20,500. more images after the break.

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart - Sports Car 544x360px

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart - Brooklyn 544x360px

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart - Smoothster 544x338px

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart - Shadow 544x308px

Pennwick Custom Golf Cart - 50's Truck 544x320px

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  1. Mike I’m with Golf carts fore less in Murfreesboro, TN 37129 please let me know what your price is on a black body that is in your picture of 1950 ford truck? 615-849-5433

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