KAMMOK is the new generation hammock

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if you think the name KAMMOK sounds suspiciously like a hammock, then you are right. the KAMMOK is the latest in hammock innovation, utilizing light but strong and yet breathable diamond rip-stop nylon fabric called LunarWave. it surprises me that there’s even any further innovation further for a hammock but apparently, there is. the LunarWave is said to be “softer than a baby’s backside” (figuratively speaking and we are not pedophile or anything of sort) and it conforms to the shape of your body with a ‘no-tip’ design. i.e. you won’t risk falling over while you are deep in your dreamland. its thin form allows it to be stored away in its water resistant compression sack easily and the compressed size is slightly bigger than a softball and is light enough (20-oz or 567-grams) for you to bring it anywhere or anytime.
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having an excellent material for the KAMMOK is just half of the story. its suspension system is also worthy of a mention. it uses a new suspension system called the Python Straps that allows it to be use in any places as long as there are two relatively close points, and together with the LunarWave material, it can hold up to 227-kilograms (500-pounds) of body weight. in essence, you will not have to worry about slippage of your hanging bed like the traditional hammock does and the design allows for a straight back lying down versus arched back on the traditional hammock. the KAMMOK is yet another Kickstarter project, so if you are keen in getting one of these, then head on down to KAMMOK’s Kickstarter page and make your pledge. a minimum pledge of $85 or more gets you the KAMMOK pack plus some other goodies. in the meantime, check out a Apple-styled product intro video after the break.

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