if you are an outdoor type of person, chances are, tying knots are part and parcel of your outdoor adventures, be it boating, camping or whatever. everyone knows a thing or two about tying knots but the real challenge is getting it untie (mostly, we end up whipping out a pocket knife and sacrifice the paracord). with the Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie, your days of eternal frustration with messed up knots are over and as a bonus, you can get your knot up and going a lot quicker too. shaped like a fish bone (hence, the name), this smooth edge device can be used ‘in line’, ‘in loop, ‘splice’ or as a ‘quick release’ contraption (or basically anything you can think of). though it is not for climbing or load bear applications where failure could result in damage or injury. this seemingly mundane object has a surprisingly good reception on Kickstarter. its creator, Brent Garcia, had humbly asked for a pledge goal of just $1,000 but it has well surpassed that with nearly 90k of pledges. so, the Fish Bone isn’t a mundane device after all. the masses have spoken. available in three materials: stainless steel, aluminum (6061 T6, no less), as well as Titanium, the Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie can be yours with a modest pledge of $11 or more. for $11, you will be securing yourself The Snapper (in stainless steel), Fish Bone’s big bro that can handle 1/4″ paracord and doubles as a bottle opener. expect shipping to happen sometime in March 2013. if you want one, then you better be triple quick cos’ the project closes in slightly over an hour (sorry for the late post! our bad, really). a pledge video serves as a no-frill, why-you-should-buy pitch after the break.

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