advanced bouncing chair that moves like the way you do

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(image credit: 4moms) mamaRoo Bouncing Chair | US$185 |

while grown-ups are busy ogling over their shiny gadgets aka grown-up toys, babies do deserved to have a piece of the gadget action. well, they may be too young to tell you that, but as a grown-up, you can get them started. take for instant, this (space-pod looking) advanced bouncing chair called mamaRoo from 4moms.
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what the mamaRoo does is it takes your place to rock the baby. apparently, 4moms has done an in-depth study on moms and dads movement as they soothed their babies. the result was five set of motion patterns with adjustable speeds for the baby. what good are movements without some tunes to rock to? hence, it has five preloaded nature sounds to help to soothe the baby, and you can also choose to spin your own tunes by plugging in your MP3 player via the provided 3.5mm jack.

this ‘space-pod’ like baby rocker is reclinable to any position along its axis. the seat itself is removable fabric that is machine washable. the mamaRoo also includes three plush toys to keep the baby entertained. i say its 60s space pod look would goes well with the rest of your shiny gadgets in your house.

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