advance textile that hardens on impact: Dow Corning DEFLEXION textiles

Dow Corning DEFLEXION textiles
DEFLEXION by Dow Corning | US$POA |
(screenshots by Mike taken from Dow Corning)

traditional body protections made of polycarbonate can be stiff and impedes movement. now there’s an advanced textiles from Dow Corning, dubbed the DEFLEXION, will harden instantly upon impact and returns to its flexible state after the impact. the fabric absorb and disperse the shock of impact, protecting the wearer from damage and injury. sounds like materials that a superhero suit would be made of.

the material uses silicone technology and provides protection without the bulk and stiffness of the traditional padding and body armor. its shock protection properties aside, these fabrics behaves like any ordinary textile which makes it ideal for use in apparels. the DEFLEXION offers better comfort and is washable, breathable, can be cut to size and sew-able. protection is not restricted to human, the materials can also use in protective sleeves to keep gadgets and other devices safe without adding bulk like hard cases do.

Dow Corning DEFLEXION textiles - application for gadgets and other devices
(screenshots by Mike taken from Dow Corning)

DEFLEXION is available in a variety of thickness, weight, flexibilities, breathability and levels of protections to suit different purposes and designs. i must admit i am totally sold. i almost wanted to acquire some to create my own stuff (shsss… what i am making is a secret). this is probably just the beginning, we could be seeing military-grade applications in near future. who knows? this technology could be developed further and perhaps someday we would see a bullet-proof jacket someday.

Dow Corning DEFLEXION textiles - application in apparels
(screenshots by Mike taken from Dow Corning)

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