I have no need for a meat tenderizer, but yet, when I came across this Firebox exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer, I immediately knew I need one in my life. Unfortunately, you and I won’t be able to tenderize meat with a snap of fingers. Even more unfortunately is, this product is not real.

Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer

That’s right, folks. As much as you and I want the infamous and iconic space glove in our kitchen (even if we will never even use it), the Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer is not real.

It was part of Firebox “Fake News” segment in which every Friday, the team will bring one of their made ideas “to life.” However, maybe and just maybe, if it gets enough rallying behind it, Firebox may “seriously consider making it.”

Clever way to “market research” without putting a whole lot of money into it.

Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer

But man, it does really look good even though it does not appear to be the most ergonomic way to tenderizer meat. That said, a snap of fingers to tenderize the meat will be nice. Can we do that, Firebox?

Someone make it real, already. There’s already a Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer, so an Infinity Gauntlet should be a no brainer, right? Right?

Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer

Images: Firebox.

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