Who’s childhood did not had the iconic red-framed drawing toy called Etch A Sketch? I am guessing most children had, one point in time, enjoyed this mechanical drawing toy. Originally manufactured by the Ohio Art Company and currently own by Canada toy maker, Spin Master, this super iconic toy is marking its 60th years in existence with a series of collabs with other iconic names.

Starting next month (March), Etch A Sketch will be releasing four limited edition Etch A Sketch with iconic big names including Monopoly, NASA, Rubik, and comic book legend Stan Lee. Each limited edition Etch A Sketch will ditch the red-frame in favor of collaborating brand’s theme.

For example, the Stan Lee edition Etch A Sketch will feature a comic strip on its frame starring Stan Lee, while Monopoly’s highly-recognizable game boxes will surround the Monopoly edition Etch A Sketch’s frame. Dice not required.

The treatment is limited to cosmetic as expected from most of such collaborations. So, don’t expect yourself to magically know how draw comics with the Stan Lee edition. Neither can you play actual Monopoly with it.

Details of release and pricing are as follows:

Etch A Sketch® Monopoly Edition (March, $19.99): As the classic board game celebrates an 85-year milestone, pass go and collect a limited-edition MONOPOLY-inspired Etch a Sketch.
Etch A Sketch® NASA Inspired Edition (April, $19.99): And after 60 years here on earth, we’re looking to space to encourage a new generation of creative explorers with the NASA-inspired Etch a Sketch. Because even the biggest space shuttles, started with a simple sketch.
Etch A Sketch® Rubik’s Edition (May, $19.99): With a cumulative age surpassing 100, worlds will collide with an Etch a Sketch inspired by the mind-bending heritage toy that has become a household name.
Etch A Sketch® Stan Lee Edition (July, $19.99): Out-of-this-world storytelling merges with the original magic screen inspired by the superhero of creativity who co-created such iconic characters as Spider-Man™, Iron Man™, X-Men™, and many more.

Rounding up Etch A Sketch Diamond Jubilee is a new limited edition Diamond Edition Etch A Sketch featuring a sleek black frame and custom crystal knobs. Not sure when the Diamond Edition Etch A Sketch will be available, but it does become available, it will sell for $29.99.

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Finally, come August, Spin Master will be selling a new brand new Etch A Sketch called Etch A Sketch Revolution. Revolution is the first-ever Etch A Sketch with a spinning screen that allows you to make circles.

Revolution will sell for $9.99 this August. Meanwhile, you can learn more about each limited edition on Etch A Sketch official website.

Images: Spin Master/Etch A Sketch.

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