Kids are full of energy and desire for anything and everything to do with fun, and so, it is only natural when it comes to monotonous chores like brushing teeth, they may find excuses to not brush properly. This is where WowWee BriteBrush smart toothbrush for kids wants to address.

WowWee collaborated with ToothTunes, the maker of musical toothbrush, to create BriteBrush that uses songs, games and live coaching to encourage proper brushing in accordance with the widely endorsed by dentists technique known as Modified Bass Technique. Don’t ask how it works.

WowWee BriteBrush Smart Toothbrush for Kids

With all the proclamation of using songs, games and whatnot to encourage kids to brush and do it in the correct way, there’s no video demonstrating how it is done. Really, I am just as clueless as anyone. Those things will supposedly make brushing teeth while enabling kids to learn proper brushing.

Outside of that, BriteBrush touts propriety, smart sensor technology and a vibrating handle “encourages total mouth coverage and side-change recognition.” Moreover, it has this thing called “Parent Check Light” to ensure kids are brushing correctly. Again, there’s no demonstration how this works.

WowWee BriteBrush Smart Toothbrush for Kids

There are two models available: BriteBrush GameBrush and the officially licensed Pinkfong Baby Shark variety. The former packs seven fun games while the former features Baby Shark song along with some Baby Shark-themed games.

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If you are parent or guardian who is willing to take the dive, you can find BriteBrush GameBrush on Amazon selling for $19.99 and the officially licensed BriteBrush Baby Shark on Target also selling for $19.99.

WowWee BriteBrush Smart Toothbrush for Kids

Images: WowWee.

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