as good as our current clock or watch is, we still managed to let time slips past us. in another word, we are not conscious of the time that passes us and hence, work gets delayed, appointment missed et cetera. with the Sun Rising Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka, you will be visually reminded of the time is indeed moving. the product is exactly what the name suggests: it is a lamp that recreates the rising and setting of the sun: the ‘sun’ – in this case, it is an LED-powered light – slowly peeks out from behind the urushi Japanese lacquer-coated mountain, and eventually sets. doing so, one will be reminded visually that how time passes when numeric fails to do the job that you are actually way late for your whatever appointments. pretty neat idea, we must say. hmmm, does the LED lighted sphere really rises and sets? well, with a price tag of $1,382, it’d better be.

PS: it is more of a decorative art piece more than a functional light. just thought you should know.

via Gizmodo

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