as you can see from the design sketch above, this is pretty much a concept, but not as one would have expected from luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. it is a golf cart, albeit being a concept, it is still a cart unlike any others. the concept sketch pretty much speaks for themselves, but one thing that you are probably not aware of is, this vehicle is the result of a crowd source effort initiated by Mercedes-Benz. calling upon golf and automobile fans around the globe to chip in their vision of what the golf car should be and the best, most unusual, most innovative and promising concepts were pulled together to create the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart. while bearing a car-like form, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart, like any of today’s golf cart, is electric driven and juiced by a battery pack that is kept continuously charged by a solar module setup on its roof (too bad if you prefer night golfing though) – though conventional plug-in charging is also supported.

bearing a futuristic bubble-ish form, the interior is void of the traditional steering and instead a joystick on the center console is used for maneuver, thus allowing either passenger to helm the vehicle. continuing on the inside, users you be further pampered by the latest in modern technology with equipment such as touch screen monitors for controlling virtually every aspects of the cart. there is also a multimedia panel with a rotatable docking station for an iPad or iPhone where various function such as the music system, air-conditioning, head-up display, and communication with the clubhouse and between other golf carts, can be controlled from. the head-up display can be integrated to the windshield to provide information such as course layout, status of the game and even weather data essential for a game of golf. also incorporated into the golf cart is communication device where you can communicate with the clubhouse for host of information and services (ordering of drinks, perhaps?) and Bluetooth connectivity for making calls while on the move, facilitated by the onboard loudspeakers. there is even the possibility of firing off email while you are in the midst of your game too, or share your digital score card, photos during the game with various social media networks.

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safety is also in the agenda too; with the “fore button” that can be used to warn fellow golfers of misplaced shot without having you to scream ‘ball!’. in another word, this cart is like an iPad on wheels, except that it is probably first a car, then a golf cart, especially with an interior design that takes on the design cues of a Mercedes-Benz car. car-like creature comforts include heated ergonomically shaped seats that are electronically adjustable and AIRSCARF neck-level heating system to keep your neck warm during those cold days. unlike a typical golf cart, lightweight doors are an option, so if the weather calls for it, they can be fitted to keep safely cocooned within. a few other thoughtful touches include a retractable lightning rod for safety against lightning strike, a transition-style windscreen can be darkened at the touch of a button, windscreen wipers with rain sensors, a whole lot of storage spaces, a small fridge built-into the center console, illuminated vanity mirror, a space ready for stashing some much needed umbrellas, and of course, a cargo area for a couple of golf bags. last but not least, it will have all the necessary features such as indicators, LED headlamps, taillights, making it pretty much fit for regular roads.

the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart is no doubt a capable and very refreshing take of the golf cart of, hopefully, not too distant future, but for now, it will remains a dream concept of many golfers and automobile enthusiasts. have a few more look at the concept sketches with some interesting details in the concept gallery below.

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