Hot Wheels is best known for automobiles. Occasionally, there are some motorcycles too. But do they have bicycles? Specifically, electric bicycle? Actually, you know what? It had one, but it isn’t a toy packed inside the familiar blister packaging.

Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike

It was a real electric bicycle, created with electric bicycle maker, Super73. The limited-edition Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX, as it was called, was based on the bicycle maker’s Super73-RX with touches from the Hot Wheels design team (which were cosmetics, as one may have expected it to be).

This Hot Wheels edition Super73-RX features a special edition paint scheme, a custom embroidered seat and handlebar pad by Saddlemen, Ruffian ATV Lock-on grips by ODI, Stamp I Large pedals by Crankbrothers, a yellow-tinted Roxim Z4E Elite 500 lumen LED headlight, customized stainless steel panel, a black chain, black battery tank pads, and bronze wheels wrapped in wide BDGR tires.

Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike

Other technical specs include a 32” seat height, an aluminum alloy frame, adjustable handlebars, fully adjustable suspension system, brushless DC hub motor, 960 wH battery with over 40 miles range (or 75 in ECO pedal-assist mode), and Tektro brake system with 4-pod forged aluminum calipers.

To call the Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike “limited edition” is an understatement. It is an extremely limited edition because there were just 24 units available and at this point, all 24 units have been spoken for.

Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike

Each Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike was sold for US$5,000 – which is a grand and a half more than a regular Super73-RX.

Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX Electric Bike

Images: Super73.

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