Hot Wheels Collectors RLC Exclusive ’66 Super Nova: Another RLC For This 11-Year-Old Cast

Die-cast car collectors who are huge fans of American Muscle cars will not want to miss the Hot Wheels Collectors RLC Exclusive ’66 Super Nova. Joining the prestigious Red Line Club is the ’66 Chevy Super Nova (again) which was designed by Larry Wood and introduced in 2012.

Hot Wheels Partnered With NFB For Braille Racer Twin Mill

Earlier this year, Hot Wheels partnered with the National Federation of the Blind for a very special Hot Wheels Twin Mill that promotes an inclusive play experience. The iconic design from the late 60s has been given the Braille treatment to result in the Hot Wheels Braille Racer Twin Mill.

Hot Wheels Collectors Elite 64 Series MB 300 SL: It’s Gone As We Are Writing About It

That’s right. What you see here is the Hot Wheels Collectors Elite 64 Series Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and it was sold out just as we are writing about it. Ugh. Sorry folks. We tried but we just can’t keep up with the ferocious appetite of collectors (or were they scalpers? Hmmm).

Hot Wheels Teamed With Nike And Paul George For This PG6-Inspired Circle Tracker

There are many die-cast car brands but Hot Wheels is more collectibles, IMHO, thanks to its many collaborations with a spectrum of brands and people. Speaking of brands and people, the latest to join the Hot Wheels die-cast collab is Nike and NBA superstar Paul George who is also huge on cars.

Hot Wheels Cey Adams “LOVE” 70’s Van Die-cast Collectible

Most people know Cey Adams as the founding creative director of Def Jam Recordings and as a visual artist who is at the forefront of the American hip-hop culture but not many know that this man is also a Hot Wheels fanatic. How fanatic you ask? Well, Cey has a gallery show in Boston featuring …

Hot Wheels Collectors RLC Exclusive Custom Camaro – RLC 20th Anniversary

Hot Wheels Red Line Club is twenty years old this year which means I am old as f*#k because I was already a collector in 2002. But this isn’t about me and my old skin; this is about the all are invited, members-only club for Hot Wheels collectors that have been dishing a lot of …