The world’s most famous doll, Barbie, has dressed up in many roles. From NatGeo photojournalist to Star Wars characters and she had paid tribute to one of the most important entertainers of our time too. Speaking of tribute, the darling of dolls latest dressed up pays honor to the legendary “King of Rock N’ Roll”, Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley Barbie Doll by Mattel

The Barbie Signature Elvis Presley Barbie Doll features the Gigi Hadid Barbie in a slick pompadour ponytail and dressed in an outfit inspired by the iconic “American Eagle” jumpsuit wore by Elvis at many of his concerts.

The outfit is emblazoned with red, gold, and blue sparkling eagles and comes with an attache scape, red scarf, belt, and, of course, bell-bottoms.

Elvis Presley Barbie Doll by Mattel

Each Elvis Presley Barbie Doll comes with a doll stand, allow with a Certificate of Authenticity, making it a highly displayable collectible.

If anyone’s interested, the Elvis Presley Barbie Doll by Mattel can be had for US$50 a pop from

Elvis Presley Barbie Doll by Mattel

Images: Mattel.

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