The Goblin Deuce Double-barrel Paintball Pistol probably won’t let you have the upper hand in a paintball battle, but it will come in handy in close quarter situations, assuming you haven’t been shot yet. Billed as the world’s first double-barrel air cartridge paintball pistol, Deuce is based of the outfit’s SOLO and is available in two formats: player’s set which comes with everything you need to get started and the conversion kit for converting the SOLO into a double-barrel pistol. A Double Firing-Pin Action and Selector Switch lets you choose to unload two paintballs, first-strike rounds, or 6mm Airlift BBS simultaneously, or each barrel individually.

But what use of a pistol, much less one that needs to be reloaded after every two shots, in a fierce paintball battle? Goblin suggests that it is good for “scenario games or whenever you might need a couple of covert backup shots” and also for Woodsball, Airlift, and LARP games. And the price? $89.95 for the full set and $59.95 for the conversion kit. You can catch the Goblin Deuce Double-barrel Paintball Pistol in action in the video below.

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