justinCase conceals a super-slim condom in an iPhone case

justinCase by Chris Holder 544x328px
(credit: Chris Holder)

this one is dedicated to (safe) sex-loving iPhone 4 users. an ultra slim case in leather textured finish that has a concealed compartment for a rather complementing super-slim condom. a match made in heaven or what? i supposed this case doesn’t take your ordinary run-of-the-mill Durex item? from the first image, i thought it was a condom-concealing iPhone 4 case but as it turns out, it could be a iPhone case cum super-slim condom package and as i read on further, the statement “custom colors available” confirmed my suspicions. whats more? custom prints are also available. what? custom print on the case or the condom? i am very sure this is a real concept cos’ April Fools Day is over isn’t it? come to think of it, the name is very appropriate, isn’t it? you know, justinCase as in ‘just in case’. get it?
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justinCase by Chris Holder 544x518px

via Yanko Design

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