Lunecase Adds Notification To The Back Of Your iPhone

it is no secret that our phones emit small amount of electromagnetic radiation. ever since the popularizing of mobile phones, it has been studied, cautioned and feared. whether you like it or not, that energy is here to stay, but rather than brooding over its ‘negativity’, one Ukrainian company choose to harness that ‘energy’ and put it to good use. you heard that right. that radiation, however small, can actually be used and in this instant, it is used to power the firm’s Lunecase to alert you of incoming calls and text messages – even before the phone actually sounds. the Lunecase appears to be just another regular snap-on iPhone case, but when it is fitted to your iPhone, any incoming call or text will trigger the LED-power notification icon on the back of the case to glow. this is particularly useful for those who have the habit of placing their iPhone face down and on silent mode.

Lunecase by Concepter

what makes this so cool is, the icon is invisible until triggered which adds a bit of sophistication to an otherwise standard-looking case and the best part is, it does so without involving batteries. it is solely powered by the electromagnetic energy emitted by the handset. apparently, it turns out the signal wavelength differs when a handset is on standby, receiving call or text message. Concepter, the folks behind the Lunecase, managed to decipher that differences and direct each different wavelength to trigger the respective icons on the back of the case. the case is currently on Kickstarter where you will be able to pre-order one for as low as $39 and if all goes well (i.e. the project reaches its set funding goal), you can expect to see this case sometime in August this year. continue past the jump for a short project pitch video to learn more.

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