Eyewear-wearing gamers who find their glasses are getting in the way of the gaming headphones, may want to check out these eyewear born out of a collaboration between Oakley and gaming headphones maker, Turtle Beach. This new partnership pairs Turtle Beach’s expertise in creating glasses-friendly gaming headsets with Oakley’s optics.

Oakley x Turtle Beach Eyewear Collection
Oakley X Turtle Beach Frogskins Lite

The Oakley x Turtle Beach Collection features Oakley’s Prizm Gaming Lens Technology that reducing eyestrain and fatigue when gaming, and seamless fitting with Turtle Beach’s gaming headsets featuring the patented ProSpecs glasses-friendly technology.

As of now, the Oakley x Turtle Beach Collection includes two products: Metalink RX frames and limited edition Frogskins Lite sunglasses. The latter is not so much for gaming; it is released to celebrate the new found partnership between the two brands.

Oakley x Turtle Beach Eyewear Collection

The Metalink RX, on the other hand is a gaming-focused eyewear that features Turtle Beach’s logo on the headset-compatible temples and comes with a Turtle Beach-branded microbag. For gamers who need prescription lenses, Oakley will create custom Prizm Gaming Lenses based on their prescription.

In the meantime, the Frogskins Lite shades feature a throwback Turtle Beach color scheme, along with Oakley Prizm Rudy Iridium Lenses and a rainbow gradient Oakley logo and Turtle Beach logo on the temple. The sunglasses also come with a custom Turtle Beach logo microbag.

Oakley x Turtle Beach Eyewear Collection
Oakley X Turtle Beach Metalink

The limited edition Oakley x Turtle Beach Collection is available to buy from Oakley. The Oakley X Turtle Beach Frogskins Lite sells for US$166 and the Oakley X Turtle Beach Metalink, goes for US$219.

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Images: Turtle Beach.

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