New ROCCAT Kain Series Gaming Mice And Updated Vulcan Mechanical Keyboards

PC gamers may want to take a look at some new offerings from Turtle Beach-owned ROCCAT. In market since September 27 are the ROCCAT Kain Series gaming mice and the super dope-looking, new variants of the Vulcan Series mechanical gaming keyboards.

Turtle Beach’s New Recon 70 Gaming Headset Costs Just 40 Bucks

Once again, Turtle Beach proves that gaming headset made by a specialist gaming headset maker need not to be a bank-breaker. Meet the Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset, the latest gaming headset and the successor to the number selling wired gaming headset, Recon 50. Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset promised to deliver high-quality […]

Turtle Beach Announced $30 In-Ear Buds For Mobile Gaming

When I play multiplayer games on mobile, I never chat because I never own a proper headset and I totally reject the idea of on-ear or over ear cans. But today, my days of not chatting might be over because now there is the Turtle Beach Battle Buds. Mind you, though. Turtle Beach Battle Buds […]

Turtle Beach Recon Camo: Camo Is The Reason Why I Need This Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach has announced a new gaming headset that is is totally worthy of our attention because of two key reasons: one, it is multiplatform, which means you don’t quite need to worry about the changing platforms and two, camouflage. With a camouflage design, the Turtle Beach Recon Camo Mutliplatform Gaming Headset tickles our fancy […]

Turtle Beach Unveils The World’s First Transparent Directional Speakers

For most people, Turtle Beach is best known for its gaming headphones, but do you know the Elmsford, New York company actually dabbles in something a little more advanced? HyperSound is one such advanced technology the company is developing and recently, it has officially unveiled the world’s first transparent directional speakers using its HyperSound technology. […]

Turtle Beach Outs Ear Force Elite 800, Touts DTS Surround Sound

now that major consoles are already out and about in the market, all eyes will be on the new games and peripherals for these consoles at this year’s E3, happening between June 10 and 12. speaking of hardware, Turtle Beach has a trio of headsets to show off and among them, it is the Turtle […]

Turtle Beach iSeries Wireless Headset

the Turtle Beach iSeries Wireless Headset is the newest audio cans from the New York-based company that is billed as the first headsets specifically made for use with Mac and iOS products. positioned as the high-end media headsets, the iSeries, which comprises of the wireless surround sound i60 and the wireless amplified stereo i30

Turtle Beach Ear Force TM1 Tournament Mixer

practicing as a team for your next big console game tournament? then you really need to take a look at the Turtle Beach Ear Force TM1 Tournament Mixer. officially licensed by and developed with Major League Gaming, the TM1 offers your team a closed network, zero latency communication for up to six players

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Gaming Headset

if every gamer has a choice, who wouldn’t prefer a full surround sound setup to get the best out of their gaming experience? unfortunately, huge sound doesn’t always get your neighbors’ nod of approval and when the cops come knocking, they certainly won’t be as amused too. the solution? keep those awesome bangs

Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset

now that Nintendo Wii U is official, time is ripe to sweep up some gears for it. we can see that the industry is not as forthcoming with the accessories as yet, well, at least not as passionate as those iPhone accessories maker who are busy turning out loads of accessories for iPhone 5 even before it hits the…