The mention of flight simulation controller, aka flight yoke, the name Thrustmaster immediately comes to mind. Come this Summer, however, there is a new name to take note: Turtle Beach. Wait, what? Turtle Beach? The gaming headset maker? Exactly.

Turtle Beach Xbox Recon Controller

In addition to eyewear, Turtle Beach wants to have piece of the flight controller pie too. In fact, not just flight controller, the headset maker also wants a piece of the game controller action as well.

Two gaming hardware were announced earlier today: a Designed for Xbox Recon Controller and VelocityOne Flight simulation control system.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System

The Recon Controller is the “first (game controller) to pair Turtle Beach’s signature audio technology with game-winning controls” while VelocityOne Flight is “the complete flight control system, developed in collaboration with aeronautical engineers and pilots.”

The VelocityOne Flight will play well with both modern PC as well as Xbox Series X | S. The flight yoke promised to offer true-to-life 180-degree yoke handle with built-in rudder controls and includes a modular throttle quadrant with integrated trim wheel, and lever and vernier controls.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System

Meanwhile the game controller will work with Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and allows you to plug in any wired headset via a standard 3.5 mm audio interface.

When the headset is plugged in, you can take advantage of Turtle Beach features like Superhuman Hearing, Mic Monitoring, Signature Audio Presets, and more.

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The game controller further features Pro-Aim Focus Mode for tuning thumbstick sensitivity, rear quick-action buttons (with up to four profiles can be saved), dual-rumble motors for vibration feedback, and an ergonomic shape and cooling rubber grips.

The Designed for Xbox Recon Controller and VelocityOne Flight simulation control system will slated to be available this Summer for US$59.95 and US$349.95, respectively.

All images courtesy of Turtle Beach.

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