We thought we would wait for this upcoming X Plus plastic model kit to be officially available before we write anything about it but since we are on the topic of Jurassic Park, we will just go ahead and let you in on this. Shonen-Ric recently posted some images of the completed but unpainted Jurassic Park model kit.

X Plus Jurassic Park T-Rex Plastic Model Kit

The new model kit is none other than the apex predator of the Mesozoic Era, the Tyrannosaur Rex, or T-rex from the original Jurassic Park film. The X Plus Jurassic Park T-Rex Plastic Model Kit is based on the iconic scene of a T-rex busting out of its enclosure after a power failure.

The T-rex appears to be running after something. Since the dead electric fence is on its left, it couldn’t be the chase. I could only assume that it was lured by Dr. Ian Malcolm toward the restroom.

X Plus Jurassic Park T-Rex Plastic Model Kit

The diorama faithfully recreates the concrete wall with the electric fence and it looks like it has a very nice texture ground too.

Unfortunately, no 1993 Ford Explorer Tour Vehicles are seen, and neither is there a figure of Dr. Malcolm. It would be nice if it had those and maybe even the restroom. To be fair though. We haven’t gotten the full picture yet and so, there is hope for something more. Maybe?

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Not sure of the price and availability. But we believe it should be available to order in spring 2023.

X Plus Jurassic Park T-Rex Plastic Model Kit

Images: Twitter (@shounen_ric_xp) [JP].

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