Jurassic Park with Accurate Dinosaurs

Once again, some of the most iconic scenes from the original Jurassic Park have been remade. This time, there was no kitty involved. Visual effects YouTube channel FilmCore has replaced some of the notable creatures with scientifically accurate dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park with Accurate Dinosaurs

When Jurassic Park was made nearly 30 years ago, the Mesozoic Era dinosaurs were accurate based on the knowledge at that time, except for maybe the Velociraptor which would be a less impressive dog-size dino. Instead, the ancient creature the show was based on Utahraptor, which was an impressive 6-foot tall, 18-foot ferocious dinosaur.

In view of how scientists have discovered more about these dinosaurs, including how some dinosaurs actually had feathers, FilmCore has replaced iconic Jurassic creatures like the Tyrannosaur Rex, Velociraptor, Utahraptor, the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the Giganotosaurus Carolinil from the most recent Jurassic World films with painstakingly recreated scientifically accurate versions.

Jurassic Park with Accurate Dinosaurs
Clockwise from the top left: Tyrannosaur Rex, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Utahraptor, and Giganotosaurus Carolinil.

Not going to lie. Scientifically accurate versions are less menacing. For example, T-rex was less rugged looking without the angular features and rough skin textures, and Utahraptor looks kind of hilarious with feathers and wings.

In addition to updating the dinosaurs’ appearance, FilmCore also took the opportunity to address the issue regarding T-rex’s sight. Contrary to the movie’s interpretation, the majestic apex predator may have excellent eyesight and so not moving does not mean you will not be seen and eaten. This means dino expert Dr. Alan Grant and little girl Lex Murphy would be supper to fill T-rex’s stomach after the toilet guy.

Jurassic Park with Accurate Dinosaurs

FilmCore also went ahead to show what if an actual Velociraptor was used instead of the much larger Utahraptor… and boy it was hilarious!

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Go ahead and have a look at the video. If you are a huge dino fan, this video is a must-watch.

Images: YouTube (FilmCore).