Retro Custom Art Pizza The Hutt Custom Resin Figure

Thanks to the popularity of Pizza Hut, we have often associated the word “hut” with pizza. Since Star Wars movies were released, folks like me cannot help but associate Jabba The Hutt with Pizza Hut. It will remain a joke as we grow up. But one custom action figure maker, Retro Custom Art, has turned this “joke” into reality.

Retro Custom Art Pizza The Hutt Custom Resin Figure

Retro Custom Art has custom a Pizza The Hutt figure out of resin, clay, and acrylics. The result, as you can imagine, is not pretty. 🤣 I am not sure what the flavor of the pizza is. I am guessing it’s pepperoni with lots of cheese. But can I just say that it looks like Jabba The Hutt has suffered a fourth-degree burn or something?

Retro Custom Art’s Pizza The Hutt comes with a few accessories, including a plate of burger meal with soda and fries and a couple of plates of a slice of pizza.

It’s hilarious and yet fairly disturbing at the same time. I don’t think you can buy this but do check out Retro Custom Art’s store on Etsy and eBay if you are interested in any custom Star Wars and Spaceballs figures. You can also check Retro Custom Art’s Instagram and YouTube for more interesting custom figures.

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Images: Instagram (retro_custom_art).