2022 marks the 35 years since the release of the animated feature G.I. Joe: The Movie which presents the golden opportunity for fans to relive the awesome direct-to-video animated movie and for the companies behind it to sell tickets to fans to watch it.

G.I. Joe: The Movie 35th Anniversary Poster
Credit: Fathom Events/Hasbro.

That’s right, folks. Like The Transformers: The Movie which celebrated its 35th-anniversary last year with limited screenings, G.I. Joe: The Movie from 1987 will hit the theaters too.

G.I. Joe: The Movie 35th Anniversary will be screened at select theaters in the U.S. on June 23 and 25. Here’s a refresher on the plot:

G.I. Joe faces a new enemy as an ancient society of snake people known as Cobra-La try to forcefully take back the earth from those who drove them underground eons ago. The leader of Cobra-La, Golobulus, sends out Cobra Commander and the Cobra forces to steal the Joe’s BET, Broadcast Energy Transmitter, but they have failed to do so. Golobulus and Cobra-La need the BET because it’s the only energy source that is hot enough to ripen the pods they are about to launch into the earth’s atmosphere and devolve mankind into their perfect society, one that is devoid of any intellectually sound organic life-forms. G.I. Joe knows if they don’t quickly stop the enemy from launching the spores into the earth’s atmosphere, it could devolve mankind as they know it.”

G.I. Joe: The Movie 35th Anniversary

The movie will also include exclusive never before seen G.I. Joe content. For details on the ticketing and/or purchasing of the ticket(s), please visit Fathom Events website.  Meanwhile, here’s an awesome movie trailer of the G.I. Joe: The Movie 35th Anniversary:

Images: YouTube (Fathom Events).

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