If you have watched Netflix’s Altered Carbon, you would probably have a sense of what the future of fashion will be like. But thankfully, for the future fashion connoisseurs, you don’t need to be year 2384 to be experience that kind of crazy fashion because, Walter Van Beirendonck is bringing it to you in 2020.

The Walter Van Beirendonck Spike Sneakers White is one of the future fashion now that we spoke of (and also the matching spiky bomber jacket called Walter Van Beirendonck W:A.R. Bomber CC19).

The Walter Van Beirendonck Spike Sneakers White, a collaborative product between Walter and Fools-Inc from Japan, is based on the designer’s US$815 “Cloud” Sneaker.

The already standout sneakers with its exaggerated air bag outsole is now even standout with its six oversized spikes. Those spikes made the sneakers look like a suitable weapon to ward off any assailant while the bomber would be a jacket that prevents serial hugger from giving you an unsuspecting hug.

The Walter Van Beirendonck Spike Sneakers White had a price tag of a cool US$977, but the world is not lacking of willing (wealthy) fashion-forward folks because, it has already sold out.

Absolutely bonkers. For the price, the design, and for how fast it has sold out.

If the US$977 price tag isn’t already a shocker, you better be seated for the price of the spiky bomber. It sells for a princely sum of US$2,792. Yikes.

Walter Van Beirendonck W:A.R. Bomber CC19 Green

Images: Walter Van Beirendonck/Concrete.

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Source: Kotaku.

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