In the midst of the pandemic, businesses big and small are making and selling face masks. But not Apple. Oh, wait. Apple actually designed and made face masks too. However, it is not in the business of selling them.

Apple engineers have designed a custom face mask which store front staff are currently using. Each employee has a pack which contains 5 reusable masks. Each mask is good for a few washes before it need to be discarded.

According to Lewis Hilsenteger aka Lew of Unbox Therapy, the mask needs to be washed every 8 hours and hence the pack of 5 masks. The face mask is typical of Apple product which means it is sleek and minimalist. Just in case you are wondering… there’s no Apple logo on the mask, though.

The mask is custom design to fit a typical face for the best fit. It has two flaps which user will have to unfold. One of the two flaps has a malleable metal of sort embedded to form a pinch point for a close fit to the wearer’s nose. The lower flap, which extends to the chin, serves to provide a more comprehensive coverage.

Like a regular mask, Apple Face Mask is designed with ear straps, but a small clip is included to allow user to connect the ear straps together to secure to the back of the head instead.

If anyone’s interested, you may learn more about the actual product in the unboxing video by Lew of Unbox Therapy after the break.

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Images and source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).

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