Who would have thought the technology used to develop sports cars could be used to develop a surfboard that would allow big-wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner to conquer new heights? Sebastian Steudtner is the current world record holder in big-wave surfing with a wave height of 26.21 meters (about 86 feet). Together with Porsche technology subsidiary Porsche Engineering, the man has spent the past two years scientifically analyzing and significantly optimizing his surfboard.

Porsche x Sebastian Steudtner Surfboard

The board, dubbed the Caçador RS has been presented to the public for the first time in Cascais, Portugal.

“The idea of the collaboration was to translate experience from automotive development to the surfing context. Using the latest simulation methods and wind tunnel validation, the team improved the surfboard’s handling in the water (hydrodynamics) as well as the aerodynamics of both the board and the surfer – always with the goal in mind of reducing drag in both the water and the air.”

Porsche x Sebastian Steudtner Surfboard

Porsche and Sebastian literally leverage technologies used to develop sports cars to enhance his surfboard. This enables Steudtner to reach higher speeds on the board. Porsche said 70-80 km/h (about 43-50 mph) is currently possible. For those who don’t know… higher speeds are necessary to ride bigger waves.

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Porsche said that the optimization of the complete system of the surfboard resulted in significantly reduced drag which could potentially allow for speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph) (!). Well, the board certainly deserves the name with an “RS”, which is a designation reserved for the sportiest Porsche models.

Porsche x Sebastian Steudtner Surfboard

If you desire, you may read the full story HERE.

Images: Porsche.

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