Move over air fryer, there is a new kitchen appliance that can do your job with precision and then some. The new kitchen appliance is called DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer.

DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer

DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer is a sophisticated, smart combination countertop cooker that is an air fryer, pressure cooker, and sous vide, rolled into one.

Using its patented CombiCook technology, which combines hardware and software to intelligently manage the cooking process, it promises to deliver precise cooking results at the push of a button.

The DREO ChefMaker can automatically adjust moisture, heat, and time to cook food of any shape or size to perfection. While traditional air fryers treat the inside and outside of the meat as one, CombiCook divides the cooking process into different stages. Here’s how:

“ChefMaker’s heat probe senses the doneness of food and adjusts cooking parameters accordingly, while convection heating circulates the air to give meats a beautiful crust without overcooking. A built-in atomizer ensures that food stays tender and juicy through the process for restaurant-quality results.”

DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Somehow, it feels like rocket science but thankfully, this appliance takes the rocket science away and makes the chef out of you.

Other highlights of this exciting new kitchen appliance include super convection heating capabilities, a water tank and built-in atomizer, a see-through window, a 5.6-inch display, and a DREO app with ChefMaker-specific recipes, alerts, and more.

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You can learn more about the ChefMaker over on Kickstarter where, if so desire, you can pre-order a unit for an early bird price of US$259.

DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer

Images: DREO.

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