We have seen some alcohol-sensing technology in the past. The most recent being a plaster-like patch that changes color as blood alcohol content (BAC) rises, which we thought is brilliant, but what if you need the details and doing so discreetly? Well, this is where Proof comes in. Developed by startup Milo Sensors, Proof’s working is similar to ONUSblue Color Gradient Alcohol Detection Patch; it picks up the chemical from the sweat excreted by the skin to determine if you have too much alcohol or not. However, instead of openly display your alcohol status (which is not a bad thing, actually), this information is push to an app which you view discreetly.

Proof Alcohol-sensing Band by Milo Sensors

With the data continuously fed to the app, you can also practice responsible drinking by checking if you should down another pint or not. Additionally, being app-enabled, it allows you to set the threshold of your drinking, alerting if the threshold is breached with the use LED and vibrations, and even lets you connect with friends and family, so you guys can watch out for each other. Another major difference between the patch solution and Proof is, Proof is uses patent-pending disposable cartridge as opposed to ditching the entire device when done (obviously).

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Each cartridge allows for tracking for over 12 hours period and the wristband itself packs a rechargeable battery good for up to four days of continuous use. We are not going to deny that Proof may revolutionize how we party, but the thing is, it is wrist won’t and I am too sure if everyone who are keen will have the place for another wrist worn device. Anywho, while it is nice to have a device to help you monitor your BAC real-time, it is entirely at the drinker’s discretion if he or she wants to exercise restrain when the preset thresholds have been reached.

Also, it will be nice to have a cab hailing integration, or maybe even automaker collaboration that would prevent the car from starting up if BAC is over the legal limit. Just throwing around some ideas…

Proof Alcohol-sensing Band by Milo Sensors

Images: Milo Sensors.

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