if have never gone fishing before, you might think fishing is as easy as some smartphone games where you know every parameters of the water including water temperature and depth, and even the locations of the fishes. well, in real life, it is not quite the same. however, if you have a device like the Deeper Fishfinder, then fishing will be a little like playing games, at least on the locating of fish part. like the FishHunter we seen a while back, Deeper Fishfinder is sonar-equipped buoy that gives you an edge in the sport of fishing, feeding you with information of the fish, depth, water temperature and even underwater obstacles. all you have to do is tie it to your line, cast and once it hits the water, Deeper will get to work. it will wirelessly send the data to your smartphone or tablet for up to 50 meters or 130 feet, letting you in on a slew of information including the depth, water temperature and even the bottom profile of the lake.

Deeper Fishfinder Sonar

the device measures just 65mm, tipping the scale at just 100g, and has an ABS construction. it runs off a lithium polymer battery, though no runtime was actually given. the Deeper Fishfinder works with both iOS 5.0 or higher, as well as Android devices running 2.3 or higher. with a depth range of between 2 feet and 130 feet (0.5-40 meters), it need not to be restricted to fishing application. it could even be used for profiling of lakes, get data of the number of fishes in a locations and more. well, it sure sounds like fun to us, regardless whether we are avid anglers or not. however, it does come with a pretty hefty investment. expect the Deeper Fishfinder to set you back at $235. if there is any consolation, the function-loaded companion app is totally free and is yours to download whether you choose to acquire the Deeper or not.

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Deeper Fishfinder via Uncrate

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