The Fishing Buckle: A Fighting Belt That Is Also A Regular Waist Belt

If you are still doing the tuck-the-rod under your arm or jamming it into your stomach or thigh when fishing, instead of using the wrestling champion belt-like fish fighting belt, then you will be delighted to know that there’s a better, compact and more discrete alternative to either of the aforementioned methods. Invented by L.A.-based […]

FishHunter Directional 3D Shows You The Direction of the Fishes, So You Know Where to Cast Your Line

According to Sun Tzu, the legendary Chinese military general and strategy extraordinaire, “if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” While fishing can hardly equate to a battle and fishes are not quite your enemies, it does help if you know where the fishes are […]

GoFish Cam Captures Your Fishing Action at the Line’s Point-of-View

Wearing a GoPro on top of your head when fishing does not make it a fishing POV cos’ the action is limited to deck and everything else above the waves. However, a fish line cam such as this one from GoFish will provide with a whole new perspective of fishing point-of-view, allowing you to review […]

Deeper Fishfinder Gives You ‘Eyes’ Underwater So You Don’t Have to Fish Blindly

if have never gone fishing before, you might think fishing is as easy as some smartphone games where you know every parameters of the water including water temperature and depth, and even the locations of the fishes. well, in real life, it is not quite the same. however, if you have a device like the […]

FishHunter Fishfinding Sonar

fishing requires a whole of lot patience and luck, which basically means it is a way of killing time, but if you are looking at reeling some real fishes, then you will need the help of the FishHunter Fishfinding Sonar. the FishHunter Fishfinding Sonar is a personal, ultra portable, military-grade sonar that works with a comprehensive fishing app…