Attention pet fish owners. You don’t need to be envious of fellow pet owners of land-based animals who are able to walk their pets because, if luck has it, you may be able to walk your fish too! Well, kind of. What you see here is essentially a mobile aquarium of sort called Katsugyo Bag invented by a Japanese company.

Katsugyo Bag Live Fish Carrier Bag

OK. Katsugyo Bag is not quite designed for walking your pet Nemo. Katsugyo Bag is developed by a Ma Corporation with the goal of transporting fish that you have caught or live fish bought at the market to your home. Why? Well, if its live, it is fresh! And fresh is what makes a good Sashimi!

Katsugyo Bag is a long cylindrical contraption that somehow reminds me of the Entry Plug. Feet on each end ensure that it can placed on a surface without rolling around while the handle is for, well, carrying, of course.

Katsugyo Bag Live Fish Carrier Bag

From what we gathered, Ma Corporation is a one-man team now and the Katsugyo Bag is still under development. A prototype is being tested as we speak and there may be tweaks down the road.

Speaking of tweaks… Ma Corporation started to post its invention on Instagram last October and visually, we already noticed the Katsugyo Bag has some improvements. In its latest iteration, it appears to sport a gauge and a breather of sort.

Katsugyo Bag Live Fish Carrier Bag

If I am going to make an educated guess, the meter could be temperature monitor and the breather thingy is for air circulation into the tank.

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Anywho, since it is still under development, availability and pricing information are still not available.

Katsugyo Bag Live Fish Carrier Bag

Images: Instagram (@katsugyo_bag).

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