Do you find you lovely feline friend loves to ‘type’ and ‘dab’ on your laptop? By ‘type’ and ‘dab’, I mean to say ‘scratching the keyboard and stabbing at the screen’. If so, here’s the perfect solution to the woes only cat owners will be able to understand: SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop. SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop is exactly what it says it is, a scratching pad for kitty to manicure his/her claws, but in the form of the familiar laptop. Like, scratching pole is so yesterday, right?

SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop

Unless, your furry friend knows how to appreciate sleek designs, this ‘laptop’ with very chunky bezel and uber thick base should be no different from your 15-ish mm, thousand-dollar thin MacBook Air. It even has interchangeable ‘desktop wallpaper’, so you slide in any picture that draws the fancy of your cat. There is, of course, the requisite exposed corrugated cardboard scratching mat disguised as a keyboard, and finally, it comes complete with a fluffy toy mouse which is literally the shape of the animal cats so love to chow down (which could become a wireless mouse soon enough).

If this isn’t the perfect scratching mat for laptop-loving cats (read: Dennis of the cat’s world), I don’t know what is. It has all the works that might just save your real laptop from the wrath of the cat’s razor sharp claws. If you are keen, you can find SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop on SUCK UK website selling for a fraction of a real made-for-humans laptop price, at $32.50.

Images: SUCK UK.

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Source: Geekologie.

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