Geeky Sex Toys Game of Thrones Sex Toys

From the folks who brought Avengers: Infinity War-themed adult toys, come this: Game of Thrones Sex Toys, fittingly called Game of Moans. Forget the harsh cold winter, forget about the White Walkers, and forget about the Wall too. In fact, forget what you know about the entire series because, these Game of Thrones adult-only, Game of Moans, has nothing to do with the series. OK. We take that back. Maybe I does have some relation to the TV series.

Geeky Sex Toys Game of Thrones Sex Toys

I mean, with the show infamous for copious amount of sex scene, these toys may have something to with it. At least, they do have a thing in common with the show as compared to Avengers: Infinity War. That’s for sure. I would to reason that these could come in handy during role-play, but then again, you don’t see the imaginary medieval characters using silicone dong, do you? Also unlike the superheroes-themed sex toys, these are anything but subtle.

With the exception of the Dragon Egg Gag, it seems the line up is all about fake dicks. You got the creepy Drodong Silicone Dragon Dildo (seriously, a dragon’s dick look like this?) that looks straight out of Japanese Hentai story, a glow-in-the-dark dildo (called Nigh Kink; no prize for guess where it drew its inspiration), and a handful of “swords.” The latter is probably the most subtle. The collection is admittedly not as varied as Avengers: Infinity War which appeals to both sexes, and they seems to gear towards ladies – unless some man begs to differ. If you know what I mean.

Anyways… if GoT isn’t your cuppa, fret not, cos’ Geeky Sex Toys have a bunch of others to please a broad range of ‘enthusiasts’, including Doctor Screw, Pokemoan, DickPool, Guardians of the Galaxy, no wait, I meant to say Orgasms of the Galaxy – just to name a few. If want these Game of Moans in your life as you enjoy the final season, you’d better act fast.

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Already, two models of the dildo sword are already sold out. Also, you may want to know that the Night Kink is a limited edition item that has just 350 pieces and comes with a classy certificate of authenticity. Prices range from $50-149. Arousing GoT attire optional.

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Source: Inverse.