As the war rages in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, there is another war brewing inside the bedroom (or anywhere, basically, if you have that kind of fetish). You must asking “what has Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie have to with the bedroom?” Well, nothing, really, but that’s until Australia sex toys maker, Geeky Sex Toys, comes into the picture. If you are thinking what I am thinking… yep. You are absolutely right. THERE IS a line Avengers: Infinity War-themed adult toys, or at least a parody of it. Though we doubt these are “officially licensed.”

Avengers Infinity War Sex Toys

Clearly these are not the toys you will proudly display in crystal clear cabinets along with your expensive Hot Toys collection. It’s not even a joke, btw. Indulgers: Pleasure War is very real. And yes. That’s the name the sex toy maker is calling. Cheeky, but it is not the best yet as far as naming is concerned. The individual product name will make you go LOL. Guaranteed. The collection, which has seven pieces in all, will have self-pleasuring of men, women and anything in between covered.

Avengers Infinity War Sex ToysIt includes the Mad Titan’s prized gauntlet called Infinity Fist that looks almost too painful to use (fortunately, not of actual size and without infinity stones), Captain Anal and Arse Reactor butt plugs, Black Widow-inspired fleshlight (that’s a men’s masturbator, btw) cheekily called Agent Getsmeoff, The Incredible Dong that is, presumably an anatomically correct, dildo fashioned after the green berserker’s junk (but scaled down to a more humanly size, obviously) and a HawkAss arrow-shaped dildo to delight poop-hole lovers.

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”Avengers: Infinity War” Sex Toys

Perhaps, the most discreet of all is the bedroom, self-pleasuring version of Thor’s Mjolnir, aptly called Moan-Inir. LOL! I literally burst out laughing when I saw the name. Good one. Good one, Geeky Sex Toys. And oh, Moan-Inir here even comes with a stand, so you could display it in all its glory if you so desire and it is a dildo (the handle, that is), btw. The line’s name and the individual product names are definitely porn-worthy. Very cliché indeed.

P.S. If Avengers is not you cuppa. There’s also a Spider-Man-themed dong and a collation inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy. Just thought that you may want to know.

Avengers Infinity War Sex Toys

Avengers Infinity War Sex Toys

Avengers Infinity War Sex Toys

Avengers Infinity War Sex Toys

Images: Geeky Sex Toys.

via Geek Culture.

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