Japanese snack maker Calbee has teamed up with the upcoming Shin Kamen Rider for a special snack called, well, Shin Pizza Potato. “Shin” in Japanese means “new” and the Shin Pizza Potato is a new variant of the brand’s Pizza Potato, which was first introduced 30 years ago in 1992. And no, I don’t believe the new motorcycle-riding masked crimefighter with a scarf eats potato chips in the show.

Calbee x Shin Kamen Rider Pizza Potato Chips

The collaboration, however, is kind of a renewed collaboration that Calbee had with the franchise in 1971 when it released the “Kamen Rider Snack”. It was also the first snack that used potatoes as the key ingredient. Don’t expect to find anything Kamen Rider-related taste (what does that even taste like???). It is based on Calbee’s Pizza Potato which features thick-sliced potato chips that reproduce the taste of authentic pizza.

The Shin Pizza Potato variant is further topped with Shin Kaihatsu’s tomato-flavored sauce and touts garlic, oregano, and basil that makes it taste like marinara pizza said Calbee. Interestingly, the tomato sauce is solid, like chili flake but when heated up it liquified to become, well, tomato sauce.

Calbee x Shin Kamen Rider Pizza Potato Chips

Sounds yummy for sure but we all know the real draw isn’t in the chips; it is in the packaging which has two designs featuring the image of the Shin Kamen Rider to offer to fans of Kamen Rider.

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Each packet of Shin Pizza Potato sells for about 175 yen. It will be available starting on November 07 in Japan.

Images: Calbee [JP].

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