CASIO G-Shock G-B001 Wristwatch

Casio has taken the 1994 Casio G-Shock DW-001 and gave a playful spin as the G-B001 with a detachable bezel. You heard that right. A G-Shock timepiece with a swappable bezel. The watch combines the idea of wrapping the watch with the thrill of popping open a toy capsule from a vending machine.

The Casio G-Shock G-B001 retains the instantly recognizable soft DW-001 form but now with a double-bezel design that allows you to detach the resin bezel to reveal the metal bezel underneath, likening it to the design of a toy capsule.

The resin bezel stays true to the DW-001 design with a two-tone color scheme, while hairline and mirror finishes on the individual components of the metal bezel offer a more sophisticated look and feel.

This design highlights the different characteristics of the resin and metal bezels, delivering a watch that pops and is sophisticated at the same time.

Altogether there are three models: G-B001MVE, G-B001MVB, and G-B001MVA. The G-B001MVE is a direct homage to the original with its yellow and rainbow resin bezels, while the G-B001MVB and G-B001MVA have bezels that are gray and gold, and black and silver, respectively. The G-B001MVE further includes an interchangeable resin bezel and band.

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CASIO G-Shock G-B001 Wristwatch

It has something for everyone. It has both fun and sophistication covered while paying homage to the 1994 timepiece.

Beyond the novelty of a swappable bezel, the G-B001 boasts a shock-resistant construction, 200-meter water resistance, Bluetooth low energy, 38 time zones, auto summer time switching, home city/world time city swapping, stopwatch function, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, LED backlight, and Mobile Link features, which include auto time adjustment, phone finder and more.

Pricing and availability outside of Japan are not disclosed yet. Over in Japan, the G-B001MVE has an SRP of 44,000 yen (around US$322), while the G-B001MVB and G-B001MVA will sell for 33,000 yen and 34,100 yen (about US$241 and US$249), respectively.

All three models will be released on January 27, 2023. Meanwhile, you may pick out the details over at the Casio International website.

All images courtesy of Casio.