You wear a headband to keep hair out of the way and/or to keep the sweat from getting into the eyes when doing sports, so why not listen to music while you are at it? No. I am suggesting that you plugged in a pair of TWS earbuds. Actually, you could do that but there’s another way and it is the HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones.

HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones

HAKII Mix is what it says it is: it is a headband and a pair of headphones, or open-ear headphones, to be more precise. It is not the first of its kind, though and I know, it is probably a dedicated accessory/device that you only wear when doing sports but nobody going to stop you from wearing it everywhere you go. Nobody care if you wear it with your tuxedo to a black tie event or not. OK. Maybe not that but you get the idea.

HAKII Mix is a new type of headphone that features air conduction technology and stereo surround sound that promised to deliver the best listening experience.

HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones

It further boasts Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, onboard buttons for easy operations, a dual noise-canceling microphone and beam-forming array technology allowing you to take calls, an IPX5 water resistant, large 22 mm drivers, and it has quick charging with 8 hours of battery life in between charges.

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This headband/headphones hybrid is available in two sizes and features adjustable magnetic clips on both sides for fine-tune fit. And because it weighs just 90g (3.2 oz), it should feel like it isn’t there.

HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones

The HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones was a successfully crowdfunded product and it is now to buy on the HAKII website for US$169.99 in a choice of blue or black.

Images: HAKII.

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