Bone conduction is considered the middle path for listening to music when exercising. It allows for audio enjoyment while remaining aware of the environment. Well, that’s until now because, there is a new kind of audio hardware in town and it is called RUN-UP.

RUN-UP Audio Headband

RUN-UP is an audio headband. It is a new open-ear audio that offers awareness like bone conduction, but thanks to the large 16 mm driver and Bass Port Hole, it does so with deep bass and more audio details.

With RUN-Up, you can also take/make phone calls and access voice assistance too. And it, of course, does it all without plugging anything into your ears, or cupping on or over your sound holes.

RUN-UP Audio Headband

Moreover, because it is a headband, it can also help to keep sweat from water falling all over your face and also keep your bangs up.

How it works, according to the details posted on Indiegogo, is RUN-UP has a “physical structure” referred to as “Sound Highway.” This so called “Sound Highway” converts regular sound into “Direct Soundwaves” which is then directed to your ears.

RUN-UP Audio Headband

This allows audio enjoyment with minimal sound leakage associated with open-ear headphones. Those around you probably can’t hear what you are listening too, but I suspect they could in an extremely quiet environment. Though I am not 100% sure.

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Anywho, RUN-UP Audio Headband further boasts deep bass sound, Bluetooth 5.0 – courtesy of Qualcomm chip, dual mic for clear phone calls, AI voice control, fast charging, and an IPX4 construction.

RUN-UP Audio Headband

If you are keen, you pick up the RUN-UP Audio Headband as a pre-order on Indiegogo InDemand for US$99 and up. Shipping is expected to happen in March 2021. Product pitch video after the jump.

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Images: Indiegogo (Ian Kwon).

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