Vertu to out first touchscreen phone, the Constellation T

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(image: Vertu) Vertu Constellation T Smartphone | US$tba |

luxury phone maker, Vertu seems to be slow in catching with the 21st century tech wind. its phone only got smarter some months ago with the introduction of the Constellation Quest and it is said that the firm’s first luxe touchscreen will touch down this month. never mind the fact that the economy is not in the favor for everyone else. according to CNET UK, it is still not official but it has reportedly received its Bluetooth certification. i don’t want to bet if this will ever arrive, but not to have a touchscreen is like signing a death sentence and i am pretty positive that’s not where Vertu is heading.
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since it has yet to go official, the specs available around are pretty scant but what we do hear it will feature a 3.5-inch AMOLED display, 8.0-megapixels camera with dual-LED flash, 32-GB flash storage but nothing beyond those keys specs. as you might guessed, price is also not known but reassure it will never be cheap. hey, it’s a Vertu, isn’t it? so don’t get all too upset if the eventual price knock your feet off the ground. oh, do pardon us for the lack of decent resolution image for your consumption – we worked hard to scour the net for one, but there simply aren’t any.

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