Vertu Is Back With Two Luxury Smartphones Aimed At China Market

There seems to be a trend in the smartphone industry. We are not referring to the notch or edge-to-edge hype, though; we are talking about the trend of reviving once defunct brands. First it was Nokia by HMD, then Blackberry by TCL, and then now we hear Vertu is back in the luxury smartphone game. […]

Vertu for Bentley Luxury Smartphone Goes Official, Available in Select Vertu Boutiques Starting at $17,100

well, you heard that it is coming and now it is official. the inaugural “Vertu for Bentley” handset to emerge from the Crewe-based luxury automaker and Vertu five-year partnership is available in select Vertu boutiques worldwide in October, starting at $17,100. powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip with 2.3GHz quad-core processor, this luxury Android […]

Vertu’s Luxury Smartphone Aster Touts High-end Specs and Comes in with a ‘Slightly Affordable’ Price Tag

if you are like me who have the impression of luxury phone having shabby specs deeply imprinted in your mind, then the new Vertu Aster might just erase that deep-rooted impression. no seriously. we are not joking. we have that impression for the longest time and though we obviously can’t afford one with the ridiculous […]

Bentley Signs New Luxury Smartphone Collaboration With Vertu

Bentley Motors fans who have the propensity to splurge on everything Bentley-related will be glad to know that very soon, they can add smartphones to their list of all-things-Bentley-to-own. the Crewe-based luxury automobile maker announced earlier today, an exclusive five-year partnership with luxury phone maker Vertu. the stage is set, though there is no further […]

Signature Touch Is Vertu’s New Bank Breaking Smartphone

for every regular items, there is bound to have a more opulent counterpart. Vertu is a one such example that turns out astronomically priced handsets that caters to the super rich with smartphone alternative to befit, well, their super rich status. what else? unlike blinged out iPhone like those offered by Amosu, Gold Genie and […]

Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition Smartphone

luxury handset maker Vertu’s shift to Android OS for the firm’s new smartphone is a logical, not to mention practical move that Scrooge McDuckian elites can rejoice to. in the event that the opulent ego in you is screaming for more exclusivity, Vertu has something more elite installed for you: the Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited

Vertu Ti Luxury Android Smartphone

if thought you already have everything else in the world that money can buy, then you are dead wrong. you are probably still missing out a luxury smartphone, or to be more specific, your path to the peak of opulence will not be complete without luxe smart communication device such as the Vertu Ti Luxury Android Smartphone.

Vertu x Italian Independent Constellation Blue Smartphones

even among the elite smartphone users, there are those who strive to stand out from the crowd but seriously, with a smartphone, you can hardly stand out unless you own one with an astronomical price tag that only a few would bear to put down the money for and is of limited production run. incidentally, those are the…