METAVERTU 2 Web3 Phone by Vertu

Remember the METAVERTU Web3 Phone by the handmade luxury smartphone brand Vertu? Well, it has a successor now, simply called METAVERTU 2. Vertu showcased its newest Web3-friendly smartphone at the recent inaugural Token2049 Singapore which is said to be the largest cryto-focused event in the region. Before we get into the second METAVERTU device, let’s recap what the first METAVERTU was about:

“The first METAVERTU was touted to be the world’s first Web3 phone, with two smart chips in one phone, a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and an A5 encryption chip, for safety in blockchain and Web3 transactions and communications. The first METAVERTU offered luxury and materials for a luxurious tactile feel, and featured a robust memory and storage for the most demanding applications. The phones featured a seamless switch between the Android and Web3 worlds for partitioned security. And as many would understand what the Vertu experience truly is, all vertu phones come with British personal butler service.”

METAVERTU 2 Web3 Phone by Vertu

METAVERTU 2 offers a secure crypto mobile phone with bank-level encryption, an unhackable Secure Element (SE) chip, and a Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK) capability. It stores private keys in a secure hardware space, isolated from the Android OS.

It features a Decentralized Operating System (DOS) for Web3 apps, seamless switching between DOS and Android using different fingerprints, I-DID identity for easy access to Web3 dApps, and an MPC Wallet for private key security.

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Developers have access to open protocols and APIs for various protocols and can use the I-DID Protocol to enhance security.

The new METAVERTU 2 Web3 Phone by Vertu is expected to be available in October 2023. If you are keen, you may make a reservation as we speak. Meanwhile, you may learn more HERE.

Images: Vertu.