the force of Android is not to be belittled. started off as an alternative operating system to Windows, iOS, and the now defunct Symbian OS, it has since propagates to tablet, TV and soon, it might be fulfilling your gaming needs too – that’s if Ouya has its way with its yet-to-be-named Android game console, designed by Yves Behar. yes. Yves Behar, the creative mind behind beautiful gadgets like the Aesir +Yves Behar mobile phone, PEEL universal remote and among the many other things, has his hands on this $99 console. the idea behind this system is to create an environment where any developer can publish their games on this platform without costing a dime (at least for the publishing aspect of things) and gamers will get to play them for free. how exactly this is going to work out commercially is beyond us but anything that’s free always put a smile on us. i mean, who doesn’t? and that’s not all, the hardware itself is purposely designed to be hacked which is why each retail box you buy (if it becomes a reality) will be bundled with a developer’s kit. beyond that, the details remain cloudy for now but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for three reasons: one – we love gaming, two – we love free stuff, and three – we think the concept console box is quite a looker. click past the jump for a few more look, courtesy of The Verge.

UPDATE: Ouya is no longer a concept. it can be purchased for a special Kickstarter price of just $95 a pop (limited to 1,000 units) that comes with a console with one controller. there’s also a Kickstarter video to convince why you should support this Android-based open-source console which can find below.

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UPDATE [May 14, 2013]: OUYA game console launches at retail in the US, Canada and UK on June 25 for $99.99. also, we have updated the gallery above to reflect the finalized design of this awesome gaming console.

via The Verge

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